Vehicle and equipment rental

the ns. company in addition to use in their own vehicles and equipment that has possess the rents to solve all and any customer problem.

Prices for all rentals are daily or hourly, inclusive of the cost driver/driver/manovratore and incidental expenses. Cold rental is possible only for medium or long term.

TYPES of VEHICLES/equipment that deserve a special mention:

Mobile roll-off Container equipped with air line system to allow staff to operate even in the absence of air or in the presence of harmful gases and/or poisonous, anti-acid suits, full facial masks, insufflators of clean air of the nominal power of 1,700 m3/h. Electric Generator for powering safety systems led to low power consumption, high brightness and spark screensspark-proof tools, beryllium copper to operate near explosive gaseous sources.

Mobile roll-off Container decontamination module equipped with shower room and two bathrooms as well as decontamination area. To work in the shipyard when the interventions and consequential security plans expressly provide for the presence of a decontamination form. Equipped with 220 Volt socket to be connected to the mains or a generator and hydraulic line with quick hitch to hook up to existing water line

The van equipped for video sewer inspections is a very useful tool that allows you to monitor the State of conservation and efficiency of sewerage, water pipes, pipes of various diameter and type, water wells and to follow the various stages of execution of tasks, etc. A specially equipped van to completely self-sufficient mobile laboratory allows to perform the operation quickly and effectively. Modern digital cameras, waterproof, with color, zoom lenses and adjustable head, mounted on wire-guided trolleys, to perform an accurate diagnostic examination of the internal condition of pipes with diameters from 125 mm to 2,000 mm and to collect a large number of essential information in order to assess the real situation. The sewer inspection is documented with recording on DVD and printed reports accompanied by photographs of the ions of particular interest.

Roll-off Container equipped with generator and ts200des

Roll-off Container equipped offices for use on fixed sites